Live war in Ukraine, day 144: Russia enters next phase of its offensive / Moscow “evacuates” tens of thousands of people a day from Ukraine / Ukrainian plane crashes in Greece

Russia is preparing for the next offensive in Ukraine, a Ukrainian military official said, after Moscow announced that its forces would intensify military operations in “all operational areas”.

Ukrainian soldierPhoto: Ukrainian Army

Highlights of Sunday’s 144th day of war, LIVETEXT:

09:31Russian troops are strengthening their defensive positions Kyiv declared a counteroffensive in the areas they occupied in southern Ukraine.

09:05 On the last day, nearly 30,000 people, including more than 5,000 children, were “deported” from Ukraine to Russia.

“In the last 24 hours, without the participation of the Ukrainian authorities, 28,424 people, including 5,148 children, were evacuated from the dangerous areas of Ukraine and the Donbas republics on the territory of the Russian Federation, in total, from the beginning. In special military operation – 2,612 .747 people, including 412,553 children,” the National Security Control of Russia Mikhail Mizhintsev, head of the center, said on Saturday.

08:42 Washington Post: Big Tech Companies Ignore Demands to Remove Misinformation and Hate Speech Against Ukrainians

Studies cited by the Washington Post show that about 70% of posts and 90% of accounts promoting hate speech against Ukrainians on YouTube and Twitter were active by the end of June.

08:33 Key ideas from Last assessment Institute for the Study of War (ISW):

  • Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the end of the operational pause, confirming ISW’s assessment on Friday that Russian forces may resume ground offensives along several preemptive axes.
  • The end of the operational pause is unlikely to lead to a massive increase in ground offensives across Ukraine, but will instead be characterized by a continuation of limited ground offensives focused on the Sloviansk-Siversk-Bahmut axis.
  • The Kremlin could have ordered Russian troops to take control of the entire Kharkov region, although Russia’s chances of success in such an attempt were slim.
  • Russian forces launched limited ground offensives around Sivarsk and Bagmut, otherwise firing on Ukrainian military and civilian infrastructure in eastern Ukraine.
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Sunday morning, a brief recap of recent events related to the Russian invasion:

  • A Ukraine plane crashes with eight people on board Saturday night near the city of Kavala in northern Greece
  • Two people were killed in Nikopol after Russian missiles hit the southern Ukrainian city.
  • Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has ordered Russian military units operating in all regions of Ukraine to intensify their operations.
  • Three people, including a 70-year-old woman, were killed and three others injured in a Russian rocket attack in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov.
  • The United States has reported that between 100 and 150 civilians have been killed by Russian military strikes in Ukraine over the past two weeks.
  • Russia says its armed forces destroyed a factory in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro that made parts for Tochka-U ballistic missiles.
  • G20 finance leaders commit to tackling global food insecurity and rising debt. But they broke up About the invasion of Russia.
  • Gazprom has announced that it has requested Siemens A repaired turbine in Canada must be returned to Nord Stream to ensure its operation.
  • Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian military on Saturday For the “liberation” of the Lugansk region.


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