London believes that the war in Ukraine is affecting the aviation industry in Russia

The war in Ukraine represents an “exceptional challenge” for the Russian aviation sector, undermined by international sanctions, the British Ministry of Defense assessed on Sunday.

Su-57s over the KremlinPhoto: Kirill Kallinnikov/Sputnik/Profimedia

Its daily bulletin on the conflict notes that Russia has canceled the 2023 edition of MAKS, its main space fair with a major air show near Moscow, necessary to protect export customers in the civilian and military sectors, EFE and notes. Agerpres.

London says the biennial event may be canceled due to security concerns following “recent drone attacks inside Russia”.

“Organizers are likely to be aware of the reputational damage that a low international delegation could cause,” London noted in its report.

The British government believes that the aviation industry has been hit hard by international sanctions.

As proof of this fact, he notes that among the fighters of the Roscosmos space agency “highly qualified professionals are encouraged to serve as infantry.”

In addition, the commander of the Space Forces, Gen. Sergey Surovikhin, “has not been seen in public since the failed uprising of the Wagner group, for which he contacted the Russian Ministry of Defense,” according to the military bulletin.


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