Lyon subway knife attack: four injured The suspect was caught

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The suspect has no religious or political claims. Photo: Profimedia Images

On Sunday, four people were injured in a stabbing attack in a subway in the French city of Lyon, authorities reported, citing AFP and Reuters.

Mohamed Cihi, the deputy mayor in charge of the prefecture and security in France’s third-largest city, announced the arrest of a suspect.

AFP says he is from Morocco and two people were wounded in the abdomen and one in the arm.

“Our thoughts are with the three injured,” Chihi wrote on the X platform after the first announcement of their toll. The number of victims was later updated to four.

According to the ActuLyon news site, which was obtained by Reuters, the suspect is 27 years old and has a known criminal background. He has no religious and political rights. The provincial council further said that the person had no record and had been hospitalized several times for mental health issues.

An AFP police source confirmed details regarding the attacker’s identity and said there were “no elements” that would point to an act of terrorism.

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