Maia Sandu and Zelenski, Moldova and Ukraine First reaction after receiving EU membership status

Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Maia Sandu welcomed the decision to grant the status of EU member states to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

“Historic day for Moldova: The Council of Europe has given us the status of a candidate country to join the EU. We are on the path to EU, which will bring more prosperity, more opportunities and more order to the Moldovan in their country,” Maia Sandu wrote on Facebook.

The President of the Republic of Moldova says the path to the EU will require a lot of work and effort.

“We have a complex path ahead of us that will require a lot of work and effort – and we are ready to move together to ensure a better future for our citizens. Moldova has a future in the EU!”, Maya Sandu added.

Zhelensky: This is a historic moment

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said it was “a unique and historic moment” after Ukraine was officially granted candidate status for the European Union.

“This is a unique and historic moment in Ukraine-EU relations,” Zhelensky said in a Twitter post, adding that “Ukraine’s future lies in the EU.”

Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova have the status of candidate countries for EU membership. The “historic” decision was reached unanimously by EU leaders on Thursday night, President Glas Ihanis announced.

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