Massive power outage in Balkans amid scorching heat Several countries near Romania are affected

Montenegro, Bosnia and much of Croatia’s Adriatic coast, where temperatures are approaching 40 degrees Celsius, are facing a major power outage on Friday, Montenegro’s electricity distributor CEDIS and local media, Reuters writes.

Heat wave in Romania, photo: AGERPRES

“The entire region of Montenegro is without electricity due to network interruptions,” CEDIS said in a message posted on its Facebook page.

According to a Reuters reporter, the Bosnian capital Sarajevo and the cities of Panja Luka and Mostar are without power. Local newspapers report power cuts across the country.

Croatia’s electricity company HEP said the blackout was caused by “international disruptions affecting many countries” in parts of the country.

“The Croatian transmission system operator is conducting an analysis together with the system operators of neighboring countries to determine the cause,” HEP added.

HEP said it brought its production capacity into full operation to ensure “short-time supply”.

Much of Croatia’s Adriatic coast was without power, state broadcaster HRT reported.

Traffic in the coastal city of Split came to a standstill as traffic lights stopped working and ambulance sirens were heard throughout the city, the TV station reported.

Albanian television Top Channel reported that several cities, including the capital Tirana, were left without electricity.

According to sources cited by Top Channel, a malfunction of the interconnector in Montenegro caused the power outage.

In Serbia and Montenegro, people were advised to stay indoors due to the heat wave

On Thursday, Belgrade residents cooled off in Lake Ada Ciganlija and braved extreme temperatures in fountains and cafes as the Serbian government ordered employers to protect their workers from the heat wave abroad, Reuters previously reported, according to Agerpres.

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Meteorologists are predicting temperatures of around 40C across Serbia this week after air currents from North Africa brought a hot and dry front over the Balkans.

Health officials and meteorologists issued “red” weather warnings and advised people not to go outdoors. The emergency service in Belgrade said its doctors intervened more than 100 times overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, mainly treating people with heart disease or chronic conditions.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has advised employers to organize outdoor work to avoid tiring physical activity and direct exposure to sunlight.

“I think climate change is the reason for these temperatures,” said 23-year-old student Vojislav Sumenkovic.

In neighboring Montenegro, health officials warned people to stay out of the sun until Thursday afternoon. Tens of thousands of tourists hit the beaches of the Adriatic Sea, including the resort of Ada Bojana on the border with Albania.

“The heat is hard, but we are in the water, on the beach,” said Kolya, a 35-year-old tourist from Germany.

In Greece, firefighters were battling a forest fire near Athens on Wednesday that forced dozens of residents to flee their homes. Officials said the fire was a result of both planned fires and hot and dry conditions.

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