Matthew McConaughey and his wife were on board the plane that fell hundreds of meters into the void. Video

A flight from Austin (USA) to Frankfurt made an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport (Washington, USA) due to severe turbulence. Many received medical treatment.

American actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves were also on board. He posted a video on Instagram saying, “The plane fell almost 1,200 meters, seven people went to the hospital.”

“The Lufthansa plane you see on the news today!!! Yes…that’s one. I thank God that everyone is safe and well,” Alves wrote.

ok Associated Press, The aircraft was at an altitude of 11,300 meters over the state of Tennessee when severe turbulence occurred.

A passenger reported that the pilot reported that the plane fell more than 300 meters.

The Airbus A330 eventually “landed safely” at Dulles International Airport, but seven passengers were injured and taken to local hospitals, according to a spokesperson for the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority. Independent.

Crews reported encountering severe turbulence in Tennessee.

The plane went into “free fall”.

“The flight encountered brief but severe turbulence approximately 90 minutes after takeoff, but made an unplanned landing at Washington Dulles Airport as a precaution,” airline officials explained.

Even as the flight attendants were serving them food, “the plane slipped and fell,” a passenger said. “People and food” flew through the air, hitting and damaging the roof of the plane,” he added.

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“One person in the front seat was seriously injured and blood splattered on the seat,” the passenger said. He would have immediately taken the injured person out of the plane with the help of a wheelchair.

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