McDonald’s restaurants have been renamed “Vkusno i toşka” (delicious and to the point).

McDonald’s Group’s former Russian restaurants announced their departure from the presence of more than 30 years in response to the conflict in Ukraine, renamed “Vkusno i toşka” (tasty and point) by their new Russian owner. BFM TV.

Oleg Barrow, general manager of the Russian group, made the announcement at a press conference, while its owner, Alexander Gower, promised that 51,000 former McDonald’s employees in Russia would retain their jobs.

The brand new logo has a completely different logo: green background with red circle and two orange stripes (representing hamburger and french fries). However, most recipes seem to be preserved. A cosmetic change that opens the door for the return of the US team after the end of the conflict in Ukraine. According to the agreement with its buyer, McDonald’s owns the brand in Russia and has the option to repurchase the restaurant within 15 years.

The U.S. fast food chain, which has 850 restaurants in the country, announced its withdrawal from Russia on May 16 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sofianin, visited the ID restaurant on Sunday morning and promised the Telegram: “The quality of services will remain the same”.

A total of 15 outlets are set to open in the Russian capital on Sunday. Oleg Paroev said the prices of burgers would be slightly higher by the US chain due to inflation in Russia, but promised that they would be “affordable”.

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