Military analysts: Russians may launch major offensive in Donetsk after withdrawal from Kherson

Military analysts say the Russians may launch a major offensive in Donetsk after withdrawing from Kherson. In Kherson, President Zelensky says investigators have uncovered more than 400 war crimes committed against the military and civilians.

People in liberated areas are facing severe shortage of water and electricity. Valery returned to the prison where the Russians held him.

Valery: “Our cells were on the second floor. The torture chamber was on the first floor.

Valery owned a small thermal insulation factory in Kherson and tried to resist when the invaders attacked. Surveillance cameras captured Russian soldiers ransacking the offices and driving away in several trucks from the yard.

This happened this spring, shortly after the Russians occupied Kherson.

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Valerie: “They defecated in here. Because… my computers in the office were destroyed.”

The walls of the prison where they kept him were graffiti with threats – “Zelensky, we are coming!”

Valery: “They brutally tortured some people. They electrocuted them. They held people upside down in water and suffocated them. They cut them with knives. They did things unimaginable to a human being. We pray that Ukrainians will return to Kherson soon.”

Volodymyr Zelensky: “Investigators have already documented more than 400 war crimes committed by the Russians, the bodies of civilians and killed soldiers have been found. In the Kherson region, the Russian army left behind the same atrocities that permeate other parts of our country.

The horrors of Russian occupation are still felt everywhere in Kherson. It’s a collective shock.

Alex Rossi, Sky News Correspondent: “People celebrated the liberation, but the joy gives way to a harsh reality: surviving in a city where everything is missing. As they retreated, the Russians destroyed much of Kherson’s infrastructure. Ukrainian officials say people here are facing a humanitarian disaster”.

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Every day the line for drinking water gets longer and longer, the wait in bitter cold. Electricity for charging mobile phones or flashlights is provided only by these generators.

People gathered in a downtown square trying to catch the Wi-Fi provided by Elon Musk’s StarLink satellites.

Lisa was able to charge her phone after 3 hours of waiting.

“He might not have survived the blasts. They warned that the Russians might continue their bombardment from the left bank of the Dnieper from where they had retreated.”

Meanwhile, in the east, in the Bahmut area, fighting has been raging for days.

At a military base near Moscow, several dozen new conscripts, angry that they were receiving substandard equipment, rioted against the authorities.

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