Military balance after 100 days of war: How many tanks, planes, helicopters and drones have lost Russia and Ukraine?

Russia has lost 30,900 troops to Ukraine since the 100-day war. The loss of human equipment includes military equipment: approximately 1,370 tanks, more than 3,300 armored vehicles and 400 warplanes and helicopters. Russia, on the other hand, publishes a balance of damage to Ukraine and claims to have destroyed more than 3,300 Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles, 129 helicopters, but 186 fighter jets. Much more than what Ukraine had on paper at the start of the war.

The Ukrainian tank T-64BV was not acted upon by the RussiansPhoto: Twitter

What troops and military equipment would Russia have lost

Balance published by Ukrainian army:

  • 30,950 players (+100 from last day)
  • 1,367 tanks (+4)
  • 3,366 armored vehicles (+12)
  • 675 artillery systems (+14)
  • 207 MLRS artillery missile Multiple launch systems
  • 95 anti-aircraft systems
  • 210 aircraft
  • 175 helicopters
  • 13 ships / boats / ships
  • 2,329 vehicles (+4)
  • 535 drones (+14)
  • 121 Shipping Missiles (+1)

The figures provided by Ukraine cannot be verified independently under the given conditions, and should be viewed with some degree of suspicion.

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Russia says it has also caused massive damage to Ukrainian armed forces. In His last published balance sheet On, Russia says it fired high-precision missiles on the last day and hit 21 targets where Ukrainians had amassed troops and military equipment. At the same time, Russia says it was able to attack with artillery and 26 command posts.

The Ministry of Defense says that armed forces, including drones, were able to attack another 37 areas where Ukrainians had concentrated troops and military equipment, thus killing 360 “nationalists” and another 49 military equipment, including radar station. Russia says it has destroyed 13 Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles, an Osa-AKM anti-aircraft system, two motor batteries, two GRT missiles, eight artillery shells and 26 types of vehicles.

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Interestingly, Russia reports that it was able to shoot down a total of 186 Ukrainian military planes during the “special operation in Ukraine”, with only the bulk of the paper in Ukraine at the start of the war. 165 fighter jetsAll of these are not fully functional.

According to Russia, on the whole, since the beginning of the “special military operation”, its forces have been able to destroy Ukraine:

  • 1,087 unmanned aerial vehicles
  • 186 aircraft
  • 129 helicopters
  • 328 anti-aircraft missile systems
  • 3,386 tanks and other armored war vehicles
  • 462 MLRS Multiple rocket launching systems
  • 1,760 field artillery and motor systems
  • 3,376 special military vehicle units

Data provided by Russia cannot be verified independently.

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