Minnesota Twins anchor Jim Cat uses an offensive description of New York Yankees pitcher Nestor Curtis

DETROIT – Minnesota Twins announcer Jim Cat pointed to the left-handed New York Yankees Nestor Cortes “Nestor Molestor” represented during Thursday’s broadcast, the second offensive remark in the past year by 83-year-old Ramy Hall of Fame during a call-up to a match.

like Minnesota Chris Archer Detroit Tigers star hit Miguel CabreraKat started explaining that Curtis became one of his favorite shooters during a break season with New York.

“Nestor Molestor, Nestor Curtis,” said Cat. “Various angles and speeds. It’s a jug.”

Twin Vice President of Communications and Content Dustin Morse spoke with Kat after the broadcast about the comment.

“Obviously we take these matters very seriously, and as in all cases, we will treat this matter internally and confidentially,” Morse said.

Kat plans to call Curtis directly and speak with the pitcher about the situation.

“Jim meant there was no ill will,” Morse said.

After the Yankees swept a day and night double header from the Los Angeles Angels, Curtis said he heard Kat’s comment.

“I’m sure, you know, he didn’t really mean it, and people make mistakes, but that didn’t bother me at all,” Curtis told The Associated Press.

“So, you know, I don’t really have anything more than that, frankly.”

Curtis became affectionately known as “Nasty Nestor” by Yankees fans as he went 5-1 with a 1.50 ERA to start the season. He made seven innings without goals against the Angels on Thursday to win the first game of the double-header.

Kat, a longtime commentator who has also worked with the Yankees and MLB Network, apologized in October after saying teams should try to “get the 40-acre stadium full” with players who look like the White Sox player. Yuan Moncada.

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His comment about Moncada reminded some viewers of the unfulfilled promise by the United States government that freed slaves would be given 40 acres and a mule after the Civil War. He later apologized in that match between the Houston Astros and the White Sox.

“Earlier in the game when Yuan Moncada It was at the table that, in an attempt to complement the wonderful player he is, she used a poor choice of words that led to an insensitive and painful remark. “And I’m so sorry.”

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