More evidence is piling in favor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera

Last update: September 29, 2022 at 20:27 UTC + 02:00

Device leaks come in all shapes and sizes. yesterday Galaxy S23 the design The leak was too massiveAnd it may take a while before something more revealing about the Galaxy S23 series appears online. Until then, we have more information to share about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s primary camera.

Our colleagues at Galaxy Club They recently confirmed through their sources that Galaxy S23 Ultra It will have a 200MP primary camera. If you’ve been following our news feed, you probably know the rumors about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s The alleged 200-megapixel camera Nothing new. However, we now have stronger confirmation that Samsung is indeed planning to use a 200MP sensor for its next-generation premium flagship.

Not all Galaxy S23 Ultra sensors will get a resolution upgrade

Samsung He was in no hurry to increase the resolution of mobile cameras, as it was a relatively fruitless endeavor. The high-resolution sensor gives the manufacturer some bragging rights but does not guarantee high-quality images. Software and AI-powered image processing do more than just a higher pixel count nowadays, so there is always a question as to whether or not Samsung’s next flagship will increase its camera resolution.

As far as the Galaxy S23 Ultra is concerned, the answer seems to be “yes,” but not across the board. The flagship will have a 200MP primary camera, although other sensors, such as the 10MP 10x optical telephoto camera, will maintain the same resolution. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how these specs translate into real-world usage scenarios. As seen before when comparing Galaxy Z Flip 4 with Galaxy S22Samsung is able to get surprisingly good results with software.

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