More than 9,000 Russians were illegally rounded up and sent to Ukraine. What happens to them

More than 9,000 “illegally mobilized” Russian citizens sent to fight in Ukraine have returned to their homes, he said, “for health reasons, and should not be mobilized under any circumstances.” A Russian official.

Russia’s Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov issued statements during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, images from which were broadcast on Russian television, EFE agency reported.

In September, Putin ordered the mobilization of around 300,000 reservists to support Russian troops engaged in a military campaign against Ukraine launched in February last year. A total of about 318,000 soldiers were mobilized, of which about 150,000 joined the group stationed in Ukraine, while others were in training.

The demobilization announcement led to a mass exodus of Russian men of conscription age to countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Mongolia, Finland or Armenia. Protests also took place after fathers with health problems or large families were mobilized, particularly in areas far from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Also, some of those mobilized or their families complained about the lack of equipment and poor conditions in the barracks, deficiencies that were finally recognized by the Russian authorities, who promised to take steps to correct them.

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“The mobilization took place in a short period of time and revealed many important problems, which became a lesson for many”, signaled the public prosecutor. He stressed the need to reorganize military records and create databases for them.

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