Morrissey says Miley Cyrus wants to remove it from her album

Morrissey in 2013

Morrissey in 2013
picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

Bad news for Morrissey fans: Morrissey is back in the news again (always bad when that happens). This time, instead of saying or doing something horrible (well, maybe that’s good news), simply Advertise on Morrissey’s official website That Miley Cyrus asked to be removed from a track called “I’m Veronica” for the yet-to-be-released album Teenage fire. Cyrus apparently recorded backing vocals on the song years ago, but the only indication we have as to why this is happening now is that the site notes that it “comes at a time when Morrissey is distancing himself from Capitol Records.” [Los Angeles]which controls the hidden album Teenage fireThe implication is that the two events are related in some way.

as far as we can tell, Cyrus with Columbiaso it’s not like she has a special relationship with the Capitol, so maybe Morrissey (or a spokesperson?) is just a little miserable. Cyrus posts a lot on Instagram with the tagline “New Year, New Miley,” but that’s most likely something to do with NBC’s New Year’s Eve thing, not Morrissey’s. In our experience, most things aren’t about Morrissey.

Returning to this “hidden album”, Teenage fire She had a hard time getting them released even before Cyrus asked to get rid of him (you think she Googled “Morrissey” and saw what he’s been up to over the past few decades?). In 2021, Morrissey said the album — his “best” in his words —It didn’t have a label at allBut diverse He says Capitol came last and originally planned to put it out in early 2023. Morrissey Recently announced that he “voluntarily withdrew” from any association with the label, though, as he was pulled from the release.

So what we have here is a situation where people don’t want to work with Morrissey and Morrissey doesn’t want to work with people. Is it good or bad news? A little bit of both, so we’ll put it under “It could be worse news.”

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