Mothers of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine blame pro-Kremlin reporters for exposing levels

Mothers of Russian soldiers killed last week in Ukraine have accused pro-Kremlin pro-war reporters of causing their deaths by exposing their positions, a Russian BBC journalist said Thursday.

Semyon BekovPhoto: Twitter capture

After the Izvestia newspaper published a field report on June 30 about Russian tanks firing on Ukrainian positions, Ukrainian artillery fire killed at least five soldiers and wounded three others, the mothers said. The Moscow Times.

“It’s because of the truth [corespondenții de război] They classified the location of military equipment and personnel in the video,” the mothers wrote in a letter shared by BBC Russia journalist Ilya Parabanov.

Neither Izvestia’s letter nor the report specified the location of the alleged Ukrainian attacks.

The mothers’ letter is addressed to the head of the branch of the Mothers of Soldiers’ Association in the Astrakhan region of southern Russia, where the attacked unit is located.

He calls on the NGO to petition Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to ban the activities of war correspondents affiliated with Russian separatist and pro-Moscow factions on the battlefield.

“We call for immediate measures to ban the activities of war correspondents in areas of active hostilities,” they wrote.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not comment on the letter.

The ministry last updated its official death toll with 1,351 confirmed deaths in Ukraine at the end of March.

Independent investigative publication iStories has verified the deaths of 4,267 Russian soldiers since Moscow invaded Ukraine in late February.

Ukrainian and Western intelligence services estimate the balance of the Russian army to be significantly higher.

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Mykhailo Podoliak, a senior adviser to the Ukrainian president, said 115,000 Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded in the four months of the campaign.

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