NFL sources said quarterback Jalen Hurts could miss the next two games due to a shoulder sprain

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts suffered a sprained shoulder Sunday against the Chicago Bears, which could rule him out for the next two games, NFL sources told the Enquirer Monday.

Hurts underwent x-rays after the Eagles’ 25-20 win in Chicago, but the results were negative. The sources said that additional examinations conducted on Monday revealed the severity of the injury to his right shoulder.

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Initially, the team feared that Hurts’ shoulder could sideline him for an extended period and possibly during the postseason. However, after additional examinations on Monday, Al-Nusour does not consider it a long-term injury, according to the sources.

The quarterback took a beating in a game in which he ran the ball 17 times on his knees on a frozen Soldier Field. Late in the third quarter, Hurts kept the ball in the Reading play zone and after a 3-yard gain it was pushed to the ground by Chicago defensive end Trevis Gibson. It appeared that he was injured in the play.

“He just lay down,” the Eagles told Jordan Melata to The Inquirer. “I ran and said, ‘Stay down.’ And he said, ‘Pick me the L.’” [bleep] Top.’ And I said: Yes, sir. And it goes straight back to the pool.

“happened [bleeping] Fight, man, it’s bold. “

Hurts has been healthy all season and has yet to miss an injury as he builds a case as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. He missed one game due to injury last year after suffering a sprained ankle at the New York Giants in late November.

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Backup Gardner Minshew took his place and led the Eagles to a victory over the New York Jets the following week. Mencho will likely start in place of the Hurts against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

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The Eagles could clinch the NFC East title and the #1 seed in the playoffs with a win over Dallas. They have many paths to both, and they may not need to rush back. He likely won’t play again in the regular season, especially if the Eagles clinch the lead and get the coveted first round pick in the postseason.

This meant that Hurts would not play in a game for about a month. The elimination round of the qualifiers will be held on January 21 and 22.

After the match, Hurtz admitted that he had taken some snaps, but had underestimated his physical condition.

“It feels good listening to Anita Baker,” said Hurts, who climbed to the podium in a post-match press conference with soul music playing for the musician on his phone. “I’ll bring me some sweets on the plane as I go home, watch the tape, learn from it, and move forward.”

Many of his teammates saluted their captain for his strength but said they didn’t like seeing a quarterback take so many hits. Coach Nick Siriani played down some of Hurts’ apparent blows and said the direct tackles looked worse than they actually were.

When asked about his game plan, which included heavy early passes and a few running back motions, Siriani said he wanted to attack the Bears defense through the air and the Eagles threw the Hurts for 315 yards.

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But when running plays were called in the first half, several reads were in the area, resulting in Hurts keeping the ball. Four of his runs were also scrambled after he dropped back to pass.

“This was part of our plan for our game against the defense we were looking forward to,” Siriani said. “It doesn’t have to be centered around the quarterback, but you read things in the back. … Then a couple called runs, and we felt safe with those, and they ended up safe the way we looked.”

Siriani and offensive coordinator Shane Station, who calls the plays, developed a scheme in which Hurts’ mobility would be an integral part of the offense. As one plus in the running game, defenses have to factor in the quarterback, who has created space for Miles Sanders and other running backs.

The Eagles aren’t 13-1 and Hurts isn’t an MVP candidate without his ability to use his legs. But it was his breakthrough as a passer in his second full season as a starter that helped kick off the offense and catapulted him into the top flight of quarterbacks.

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Hurts only missed one game after an ankle injury last season, which occurred when a Boston Scott stomped his leg in his pocket. But she never fully recovered. The Eagles sat out at the stale finale of the season. He struggled in the losing game against the Pirates, and entered the post-game press conference in walking shoes.

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Hurts eventually had a minor cleanup on his ankle and was back in action by March in preparation for the 2022 season.

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