Nintendo is releasing an update for Switch (v16.0.3), and here are the details

Image: Nintendo

Earlier this month, Nintendo rolled out a new update for Switch, bumping the system up to version 16.0.3.

Now, in a slight twist, the company appears to have released a “no reboot” update to update the firmware itself. As detailed by Dataminer “Oats Dome”This update does not require users to do anything on their end and there are no official patch notes released.

Here is a summary of what exactly has been updated in 16.0.3:

A no-reboot update has been released for 16.0.3.

Bad word lists have changed. Nintendo appears to have removed several words, although some were also added for the Japanese language. Notably, “adhd” has been dropped from the Japanese bad word list.

As the source explained earlier, updates are “silently installed”, so again – you don’t have to do anything yourself.

If you’re curious to see what’s included in the major firmware update 16.0.3 when it hits Switch earlier this month, check out our previous post. Nintendo mentioned the usual “stability improvements” to improve the experience, but there were a few other fixes:

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