Nintendo Steam Deck emulation videos pulled from YouTube

F-Zero GX (Dolphin) on Steam Deck (picture: via Twitter)

Valve just released the Steam Deck – a new gaming laptop. It is able to run all kinds of games (new and old) and Emulators can even run Allow it to host a huge library of old systems and games.

Nintendo emulation was covered in the lead up to the release of the device, and now that Steam Deck is in the hands of consumers, all kinds of emulation videos are popping up on YouTube.

Some videos seem to focus on Yuzu (Switch) and Dolphin (GameCube & Wii) simulations You become targets for removals. While it’s not entirely clear at the moment who exactly is targeting these videos, the obvious guess here is Nintendo – and many within the Steam Deck community believe this too.

One video, in particular, that was removed was uploaded by YouTube channel The Phawx (Carrie Golomb on Twitter). The creator of this channel with over 55k subscribers uploaded a video tutorial on how to play Yuzu (an open source Nintendo Switch emulator) on Steam Deck. It is also assumed that his other video about Dolphin emulation on Steam Deck was a target.

Switch Videos offered a wide range of games running on the system such as Super Mario OdysseyAnd the Super Mario 3D World even arms. The same creator also shared a screenshot of Metroid Prime It works on the device too.

ARMS for Nintendo Switch works on Steam Deck
ARMS for Nintendo Switch works on Steam Deck (Photo: The Phawx via Reddit)

If this had anything to do with Nintendo, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising after the recent removal of a popular video game music channel with thousands of Nintendo tracks. This was later Confirmed by an official YouTube account via social mediaafter allegations that it has not been do nintendo.

Nintendo hasn’t shown much love towards preserving its old games lately – announcing the other week that they will be Wii U and 3DS eShop doors closed. It’s made too Newspaper headlines imprisoned for three years.

If we hear any updates on this latest story, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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