“No sugar first!”

Cancer does not take into account social class, environment, education and, unfortunately, recently, even age. Younger and younger youths and children are being diagnosed with this horrible disease and are forced to fight hard for their lives.

Cancer has one thing in mind. That is, the way of life. Because a balanced lifestyle and healthy diet can prevent or delay this horrible disease.

Onco-nutritionist Marius Vadua explained in the iThink program with Iusti Fudulu from Antenna 3 CNN that healthy diet may be the number one priority when we talk about cancer prevention. He talked about foods to eat, especially foods to avoid.

“I don’t put sugar first like everyone says. I put palm oil first,” says the expert, referring to one of the most widely used ingredients in foods considered “healthy.”

“Have you seen? Who have you heard, you have heard that we have a cancer epidemic? I present to you randomized clinical studies carried out in Spain, confirmed by Cambridge, which palmitic acid in palm oil is the first. Can cause cancer that accelerates metastases in the human body”, a phytotherapist specializing in oncological cases. Marius Vadua added.

Sugar is in second place

“Sugar is the second. Actually, after palm oil, sugar is the second. But the third – we are not talking only about cancer – cow’s milk. I forbid it! First, it is very harmful to our digestive system and intestines. “, emphasizes the onco-phytotherapist.

“At this time we need to limit red meat as much as possible. I would tell you beef, because at this time it is injected a lot. There are a lot of patients who come to the hospital with antibacterials, because they are antibiotics that I give to cattle”, in everything from carbonated drinks to fried foods. The expert says that a general category of food representing all fast food items in the 5th place.

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