Now Instagram comments can be overridden by animated GIFs

RIP to the comments sections on Instagram because Now everyone can finally drop GIFs to posts and reels rather than a thoughtful analysis or witty joke. So if you’re only using Instagram to get comments, you can finally add a popcorn GIF of Michael Jackson.

The feature is already enabled for some users on file Limited availability phase. Now, Meta has unlocked the feature for global use, and it should be available to everyone today. GIFs are sourced from the Giphy library and can be accessed by clicking the New GIF button to the side of the comment box.

Instagram GIF Comments, via Giphy.
Photo: meta

The Meta is also teasing new Instagram Reels editing capabilities that have been added to new TikTok features that dropped last month. “In the next few weeks,” according to the press release, you’ll be able to split video, speed up and slow down clips (slow motion), and replace clips in the timeline non-destructively.

After previewing their addition in an Instagram broadcast with Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri on Monday, the company released GIF comments and Edit Reels updates during a workshop for creators in Mumbai, India, where it also announced the launch of Instagram Gifts for the Indian market. Meta is rolling out a gifting feature in India so that creators there can start making money from their fans and reels. People can buy stars and themed virtual gifts while watching the reels — and while they’re at it, they might also drop in a GIF.

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