One of the best Ukrainian pilots killed in battle / Colonel Igor Betsy became a hero during the Crimean occupation

One of Ukraine’s best pilots and former commander of the Saki Navy, Colonel Igor Betsy, was killed when his helicopter was hit by a rocket during the war against the Russian invading forces. Ukrainian newspaper.

Colonel Igor BetsaiPhoto: Facebook

In 2014, Ukraine Today reported that the Betsy-led battalion was the only unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that was able to withdraw its military equipment when the Russians illegally occupied Crimea.

The evacuation was successful as the entire command of the Ukrainian navy passed through Moscow, following a dangerous operation to keep planes and helicopters out of the hands of the invading forces.

During the invasion of Crimea, the Ukrainian commander ordered the withdrawal of his unit

His death has been confirmed on Facebook by Taras Chmut, a former Ukrainian military intelligence drone pilot and director of the Ukrainian Foundation for Supporting Families of War Killed or Missing Soldiers.

“One of the best naval officers, Colonel Igor Betsy, deputy commander of the navy, died in the Ukrainian airspace.

He also mentions that Pestoi was “the only one who showed leadership and determination in the entire naval command.”

“While everyone was waiting for the glorious orders from Kyiv, he organized the staff, prepared the equipment and operated all the warplanes on the mainland of Ukraine, in front of the residents,” Chmut added.

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