One Year War: How Much Did Russia and Ukraine Lose on the Front? Balance Sheet of Both Armies: Tanks, Armored Vehicles, Aircraft, Drones and Army / What Independently Confirmed Data Shows

The 12 months of war in Ukraine have resulted in significant casualties on both sides. According to the latest assessments of the Ukrainian forces, Russia has suffered significant losses in terms of armored vehicles sent forward, crossing some thresholds that were unimaginable before the invasion. Russia, on the other hand, claims to have destroyed a wide variety of military equipment, including more warplanes than Ukraine had on paper before the invasion began.

A Ukrainian soldier was deployed before Donetsk next to a T-80 tank captured from the RussiansPhoto: LIBKOS / AP / Profimedia

According to the estimates of the Ukrainian side, which will be published on February 24, 2023, almost 150,000 soldiers, more than 3,300 tanks and more than 6,600 armored fighting vehicles – that’s how much Russia would have lost in the 12-month war.

Statistics provided by Ukraine cannot be independently verified under the given conditions and should be viewed with a degree of skepticism.

Russia’s war losses in one year:

  • 146,820 players (+970 on last day)
  • 3,363 tanks (+13)
  • 6,600 Battle Armor (+7)
  • 2,363 artillery systems (+11)
  • 2,033 drones (+4)
  • 474 MLRS Multiple Rocket Launchers (+3)
  • 299 Airplane
  • 287 helicopters
  • 247 Anti-Aircraft Systems (+3)
  • 18 boats/vessels
  • 873 cruise missiles were intercepted

A year of war: What Ukraine would have suffered in a conflict with Russia

On the other hand, Russia also claims to have inflicted significant damage on the Ukrainian military, beyond massive destruction to infrastructure.

However, Russia has not yet disclosed how many enemy soldiers it estimates it has taken out of combat.

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ok The latest information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, Since the start of the “special military operation”, Russian forces have reportedly been able to destroy:

  • 387 flights
  • 210 helicopters
  • 3,228 drones
  • 405 Anti-aircraft systems
  • 8,011 tanks and battle tanks
  • 1,044 multiple missile systems
  • 4,205 artillery and mortar systems
  • 8,518 special military vehicles

Data provided by Russia cannot be independently confirmed and should be viewed with the same level of skepticism.

Ukraine has been asking for fighter jets since the invasion began, but has yet to receive them / Russia says it has shot down more planes than Ukraine had on paper at the start of the war.

It should be noted that Russia claims to have shot down 387 planes, practically twice as many planes as Ukraine had on paper at the start of the war.

Although the exact number of military aircraft relied on by Ukraine at the beginning of the year is not officially described anywhere, there are plenty Information from open sources They said that Ukraine was on paper A maximum of 165 military aircraft.

However, the chances of them all working out were pretty slim, and in fact Ukraine had a lot to rely on. Fewer flights than on paper.

However, talks about helping Ukraine with fighter jets persisted Officer This has not happened yet, a huge disappointment for Ukrainians who have been clamoring for Western fighter jets since the early days of the war

At most it is known that Ukraine received spare parts and components to keep its own aircraft in flight condition.

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There was much speculation in May about the possible transfer of 14 SU-25 aircraft from Bulgaria (the entire Bulgarian fleet of such aircraft), but the Ministry of Defense in Sofia He denied the informationAnd at some air shows last summer Part of the Su-25 aircraft Bulgarians can take photos. Another rumor claims that Macedonia donated four Su-25s, but this has not been officially confirmed. But not rejected by the Macedonian government.

No reliable information has yet emerged from the ground confirming the use of Ukrainian military aircraft.

The only aircraft Ukraine has received are helicopters.

Russia’s losses and Ukraine’s losses – what independent centralization shows

Beyond the Ukrainian assessments, the OSINT community took a closer look at the losses recorded on the front.

blog Properly document such confirmed losses from the front.

According to the centralization here, Russia would have lost thus:

– 1,772 tanks (of which 1,043 were destroyed, the rest were damaged, abandoned or captured by Ukrainians)

– 2,911 battle tanks

– 298 Armored Personnel Carriers

– 44 Mine Resistant Vehicles (MRAP)

– 180 infantry vehicles

– 176 artillery guns and 348 self-propelled artillery guns

– 177 MLRS multiple rocket launchers

– 135 anti-aircraft guns or anti-aircraft missile systems

– 74 flights

– 78 helicopters

According to the same centralization, Ukraine would have lost Therefore:

– 468 tanks (of which 278 were destroyed, the rest were abandoned, damaged or captured)

– 759 battle tanks

– 226 armored personnel carriers

– 42 Mine Resistant Vehicles (MRAP)

– 288 infantry vehicles

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– 103 artillery guns and 116 self-propelled artillery guns

– 39 multiple launch missiles (none of which are HIMARS)

– 96 anti-aircraft guns or anti-aircraft missile systems

– 59 flights

– 30 helicopters

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