Ordinary Lithuanians donated money to Ukraine to buy a pirate drone

Hundreds of Lithuanians have donated money to Ukraine to buy advanced military drones for the war against Russia, Reuters reports, showing solidarity with the former Moscow-led country.

Bayraktar TB-2 drone is in operationPhoto: Twitter Capture

About 4.4 million euros ($ 4.1 million) was raised in three days – 5 million euros needed – mostly in small quantities, according to Lives TV, the television station that started the call.

“Before this war started we both didn’t think we would buy weapons. But now it’s normal. We have to do something to make the world a better place,” said 32-year-old Acne Belikite, who sent 100 euros. Launched Wednesday.

“I have been donating weapons to Ukraine for some time. I will do so until victory,” he told Reuters, adding that Russia was somewhat motivated by fears that it might attack Lithuania.

Drones have proven useful in recent years against Russian forces and their allies in conflicts in Syria and Libya, and the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense plans to buy it, which told Reuters it would like to send a letter. Drone.

In recent years, Ukraine has purchased more than 20 Bayraktar drones from the Turkish company Baykar and placed 16 more on January 27. This module was released in early March.

“This is the first case in history where ordinary people have raised money to buy something like a character. This is unprecedented and unbelievable,” Peshta Petro, Ukraine’s ambassador to Lithuania, told Lives TV.

“The governments of the world’s largest nations are deliberately deliberately … the Lithuanian community is simply gathering, you know, raising 5 million euros to buy the drone – this is good news for the world,” Belicaid said.

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