Orthodox calendar May 18, 2023. What holiday is Thursday?

Orthodox Calendar May 18, 2023. Every year, on May 18, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Holy Martyr Theodotus.

Orthodox calendar May 18, 2023. What holiday is Thursday?

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Orthodox Calendar May 18, 2023. Holy Martyr Theodotus

Holy Martyr Theodotus He was an innkeeper during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. The monk sheltered the persecuted Christians in the inn. Christians who were able to escape persecution were helped in all their needs. Holy.

Theodotus collected and buried the bodies of the slain Christians.

At that time, there were seven virgins who were tortured for their faith in Jesus Christ. Finally they were thrown into a lake. One of them, Saint Tegusa, appeared to Saint Theodotus in a dream and told him to remove the bodies of the virgins from the lake and bury them.

After the dream he had, Theodotus went out with a believer to fulfill the wish the martyr had made in the dream. The angel of the Lord directed their steps to find where the bodies of the virgins were and bury them. The believer who accompanied St. Theodotus betrayed him before the judge.

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After suffering many tortures, Theodotus received martyrdom after his head was cut off.

Mentioned on this day:

  • Holy Martyrs Peter, Dionysia and Christina;
  • the seven virgins who suffered with the holy martyrs Andrew, Paul and Saint Christina;
  • the holy martyrs Heraclius, Paulinus, and Venetim;
  • Seven Holy Virgin Martyrs from Angora Galatia: Degussa, Alexandra, Claudia, Phineas, Euphrasia, Matrona, and Julia;
  • Saint Euphrasia;
  • Saint Stephen the New, Patriarch of Constantinople;
  • St. Julian the Martyr;
  • Saint Anastaso and Saint Pius Martinian;
  • Holy Martyr Theodotus, Pope of Rome.

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Orthodox calendar May 18, 2023. What holiday is Thursday?

Orthodox Calendar May 2023

1L the holy prophet Jeremiah; St. Guv. Mc. Euthymius, Ignatius and Acachie

2M Bringing relics of St. Ger. Athanasius the Great in Constantinople; †) St. Ger. Athanasius III (Patelaria), four. Constantinople; Holy Matrona of Moscow

3M †) St. Qu. Herodian from Lainici; St. Mc. Timothy and his wife Mavra (Removal from fish. No marriages)

4J St. Mech. Pelagia; St. Guv. Monica, Fer’s mother. Augustine

5V St. M.M.C. Irina; St. Guv. Mc. Ephraim the New (Removal from fish. No marriages)

6S holy and righteous work, long-suffering; St. Meg. Varvara

7D Appearance in the sky of the sign of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem; St. Meg. Akachi and Godratt

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Fourth Sunday after Easter (lean from Vitesta); Rev. Acts IX, 32-42; V. John V, 1-15; Voice 3, voscr. 5

8L †) St. App. and V. John the Theologian; St. Guv. Arsenius the Great

9M Holy Prophet Isaiah; St. Mc. Christopher; Bringing relics of St. Ger. Nicholas at Barry

10M Half of Pentecost; St. Simon the Zealot (Removal from fish. No marriages)

11 J St. St. Mech. Fr. Mochie; St. Ger. Methodius and St. Quv. Cyril, Illuminators of the Slavs

12V †) St. Mech. John Wallachian; St. Jer. Epiphany, Archbishop. Cypriot and German, Patriarch of Constantinople (Removal from fish. No marriages)

13S St. Mc. Clicheria; St. Guv. Sergio Mart.

14th St. Mech. Isidore of Chios; Holy Holy Magh. Terapont, Eb. Cyprus;

Fifth Sunday after Easter (Samaritan); Rev. Acts XI, 19-30; V. John IV, 5-42; Voice 4, voscr. 7

15L St. Cuv. Pachomius the Great; †) St. Ger. Jacob Putneanul, miter. Moldova

16M St. Cuv. Theodore the Saint; †) St. Qu. Sila, Baisi and Nadan from Putney Hermitage

17M Odovania in the middle of Pentecost; St. Andronicus and his wife Eunia; St. Guv. Nectaria and Theophanes (Removal from fish. No marriages)

18J St. Mech. Peter, Dionysius and Paulinus

19V St. Mc. Patriarchy, Ep. Prussia (Removal from fish. No marriages)

20S St. Mc. Talelu; St. Guv. Thalassemia; Saint Lydia of Philippi

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21D †) St. Imp., right ab., with Constantine and his mother Elena

Sixth Sunday after Easter (blind from birth); Rev. Acts XXVI, 1; 12-20; Acts XVI, 16-34; V. John X, 1-9; John IX, 1-38; Voice 5, voscr. 8

22l St. Mech. Basilisk and Marcel; The second ecumenical synod is the Holy Fathers

23M St. Ger. Mihail Mart., Ep. Chinata; St. Mary Myr of Cleopas

24M Festival of the Resurrection of Lord Odovania; St. Guv. Simeon of the Magnificent Hill (Removal from fish. No marriages)

25J (†) Ascension of the Lord (Isbasul); Heroes’ Day; † The third apparition of the head of St. John the Baptist, the forerunner of the Lord (not married)

26V St. App. Carp and Albius; St. Mc. Averchy and Elena (Removal from fish. No marriages)

27S St. Mc. Julius the Elder; St. Saints Mc. Ely and Therapont, ep. sardines; St. Mart. John is Russian

28D St. Ger. Eutychius, Ep. Melitina and Nikita, Ep. Chalcedon 7th Sunday after Easter (Holy Fathers from First Ecumenical Synod); Rev. Acts XX, 16-18; 28-36; V. John XVII, 1-13; Voice 6, voscr. 1029 LSf. Mc. Theodosia, the Virgin; Holy Holy Magh. Olivia

30M St. Cuv. Isaac Tuesday. and Barlaam31MSf. Mc. Jeremiah, Eusebius and Haralambia (Removal from fish. No marriages)

31 M St. Mech. Ermi, UCBU and Haralambi (untying the fish. No marriages).

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