Photo The Russians capture a mysterious tank in Ukraine

The Russian military has seized a mysterious tank in Ukraine, which appears to have been rebuilt in Bulgaria, without officially announcing the shipment of tanks to Kiev.

The origin of the T-72M1 tank captured by the Russians is a mysteryPhoto: Twitter

Many pictures of the tank and its interior were shared by the administrators of the Ukrainian Weapons Tracker account, noting that the T-72M1 model tank was updated in 1993 by the Bulgarian arms company Apollo and has low mileage.

“Bulgaria has not announced that it will supply any tanks, so its source is very mysterious,” said Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Grill Petkov Announced By the end of April, the parliament in Sofia will approve the shipment of weapons to Ukraine on May 4, but the promised weapons will not include tanks or other heavy combat equipment.

Petkov was there this week Led by a minority government After the populist party “Such People” (ITN) announced its withdrawal from the four-party coalition that seized power in December.

The United States is said to have facilitated the replacement of T-72 tanks

In early April, CNN television announced in the United States Will facilitate Transfer of Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine, D-72 model.

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A U.S. official quoted by CNN said at the time that the tanks would be delivered “in a few days, not weeks” and from NATO partner countries. But the Washington administration has not issued any official announcement in the coming months.

Interestingly, the entire Ukrainian Arms Surveillance Account noted that at the end of May the Ukrainian Armed Forces began training with FH70 howitzers supplied by Italy. A type of ammunition made in Finland The Helsinki government has not officially announced its deployment to Ukraine.

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