Photo Video Shocking Images In Oslo: Street Shooting. Two were killed and several were injured

The AFP and Reuters news agency quoted Norwegian police as saying that two people had been killed and 14 others injured in a shooting that took place in central Oslo between Friday night and Saturday.

Shooting in Oslo Photo: Youtube Screenshot

“Two people have been confirmed dead in the shooting. Several others were seriously injured.” One suspect has been arrested and two weapons have been recovered, police said.

The shooting took place at around 01:00 (23:00 GMT) local time in the center of the Norwegian capital, three nearby locations: the London Pub Kay Club, the Her Nilson Jazz Club and the Packaged Food Sales Center. It was not immediately clear what caused the attack.

“A total of 14 people are receiving medical treatment. Three people have been seriously injured,” police chief Tore Burstad was quoted as saying by NRK radio.

“Everything now indicates that there is only one person who did this,” he said. “I saw a man coming with a bag and he started firing,” said Olav Ronneberg, an NRK journalist who was at the scene of the shooting.

A spokesman for Oslo University Hospital told TV2 that six people were injured at the hospital in Ullewal and their condition was unknown. As helicopters flew over the center of the capital, the sirens of ambulances and police cars were heard throughout the city. The LGBT Community Parade, Pride Parade, will be held in Olso on Saturday. (Agerpres)

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