Photo: What the Taliban religious police put up posters: These women are like animals

Taliban religious police in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar have put up large posters in the city saying that Muslim women without full veils are “trying to look like animals”, AFP reports.

The Taliban regime claims that women who do not wear burqas are like beastsPhoto: Twitter

Since they returned to power in August last year, the Taliban have imposed a number of restrictions on civil society, many of which aim to subjugate women to their fundamentalist views on Islam.

In early May, the Taliban’s top leader, Hibatullah Akundzada, issued an edict requiring women to cover themselves completely in public. Eyes.

He said last month that as a general rule, women should stay at home.

This week, in Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban movement, the Ministry of Terrorism Promotion and Prevention displayed large posters showing two women with their faces covered, one wearing a burqa and the other a veil.

Posters near shops and large intersections said, “Muslim women without full veils are trying to look like animals.”

“Wearing short, tight and thin clothing is against the orders of the Taliban leader,” the text added.

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