Playnote Studio is a great DSi Flipnote Studio app for Playdate

Photo: Nintendo Live / Damian McFerran

Fans of mobile games and cool gadgets have no doubt seen the Playdate reviews last week. Panic’s cute console is a celebration of simpler game times and we were lucky enough to get one early on – we I found it a great little yellow systemone that takes us back “to a time when mobile video games were a simpler and more innocent pastime, and every new experience felt fresh and exciting”.

In addition to the new games loaded with it, Playdate is also an open platform with developers of all sizes able to easily create and distribute software downloaded for it. One of these programs is Playnote Studioa neat little app for anyone who is missing out on the great simple animation tool on their Nintendo DSi, Flip Note Studio.

While Nintendo’s animation app may not be available for download these days, flipbook-style short artifacts created with Flipnote Studio can be viewed on Playdate using developer James Daniel’s software. The application is based on a previous version web playerand uses the console arm to allow you to wind forward and backward through the animation frames.

Playnote Studio

Nintendo’s Flipnote apps have attracted a dedicated and enthusiastic following and continue to elicit passions to this day. The 2020 April Fools’ Day prank that ‘leaks’ a copy of the Switch Lots of fan rage Addressed to scammers. In the same year, a fan revealed Amazing 34 minute animation hard-earned in Flipnote Studio 3D3DS version. Yes, that’s some dedication, right there!

You can head to For more information on how to download the app on Playdate and enjoy Flipnotes to your heart’s content.

“Download the app to our Playdate? What if you’re not in Distribution Group 1?” Ah, while we may have one Playdate at Nintendo Lite Towers, some of us on Team NL are waiting a while for our personal playdates to be submitted. In the meantime, we’ll download the app, get it set up, and wait to go through some paper options.

Playdate Playnote Studio 2
Photo: Nintendo Live / Damian McFerran

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