Poland wants to secure border with Kaliningrad exclave because it’s an ‘unstable neighbour’

Poland’s Deputy Interior Minister Bartos Grodecki said on Thursday that “the border with Russia must be secured” around the Kaliningrad region, north of Poland, and announced that a plan is already in place to achieve this goal, as the “neighborhood is unstable,” according to EFE.

In a televised interview, Grodecki called Russia an “unstable neighbor” that “engaged in acts of terrorism against neighboring countries” and because of this “it is necessary to implement security and preventive measures”.

“There is already a plan to create an effective and modern security system on the perimeter of the Kaliningrad border,” the Polish deputy minister said, adding that in addition to allocating “huge resources” to the implementation of the plan, the government would seek border guards.

Tensions have risen in Polish cities near Kaliningrad since Russia’s war in Ukraine, and some municipalities in the region have distributed information to local residents about using underground garages and basements as shelters against a Russian invasion.

Referring to the migrant crisis Warsaw faced last year on the border between Poland and Belarus, the interview said, “This year there were 8,000 illegal entry attempts in the country. Last year it was almost 40,000.”

On the other hand, the Polish Deputy Minister announced that “in order to solve the problem of the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation, in agreement with the Baltic States, the restriction on the entry of Russian citizens into Poland will be modified.” European union.

On September 8, Warsaw adopted a decision by the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to limit the entry of Russian citizens to humanitarian cases or cases of extreme need.

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In the interview, Grodecki stressed that “even more control” of these activities is expected, according to the agreement with the Baltic states, EFE quoted Agerpres as saying.

Located between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad has belonged to Russia since its annexation in 1945 after World War II.

Author: Liviu Kojan

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