Popular YouTuber flees Thailand after allegedly scamming more than 6000 victims out of $55 million

A famous Thai YouTuber, who claimed to be a successful forex trader, is said to have left the country after it was discovered that he had defrauded more than 6000 victims out of 2 billion baht (about $55 million).

Natthamon Khongchak, better known as Nutty’s Diary on YouTube with a channel of over 800,000 subscribers, allegedly They fled abroad to Malaysia. Claiming to be a successful forex trader, Natthamon used its platform to lure victims into investing money with the promise of high returns in short periods of time.

The YouTuber will invite investors to deposit money into her account with the promise of returns of 25 percent for three-month contracts and 30 percent returns for six-month contracts. For 12-month contracts, Nathhamon promises a 35 percent return and pledges to pay each month.

Investors begin to complain in April after not receiving returns as promised. On May 25, Nathamon said in an Instagram post that she made a mistake in trading and lost all the money but will return her investors.

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Then, on June 24, it announced that it would sue in two cases and would not be able to repay the investors if it was imprisoned.

Phisal Ruangrit, a lawyer who helps fraud victims, stated that one victim alone deposited about 18 million baht (US$495,228).

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Thai popular facebook page addicted to drama claimed on Sunday that the YouTuber fled to Malaysia and that one of her victims offered a reward of 1 million baht (approximately $27.513) to anyone who could provide information leading to her arrest.

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