Progressive left leaders in Europe are calling for the overthrow of NATO. How they see the path to peace

Progressive leaders of several left-wing movements in Europe on Friday called for the overthrow of NATO in Athens.

According to the EFE quoted by Agerpres, the only way to build lasting peace is to improve the alliance of non-aligned countries.

The so-called Athens Declaration of Progressive International, the European left-wing movement DiEM25 and its Greek faction MeRA25 stated that “all military bases can be used to defuse tensions, extend independence and achieve lasting peace with an international security framework. And ending the domination of one country by another.

Greek politician Ianis Varufakis: Large military camps “create insecurity and escalate tensions”

The report was presented at a press conference by Ianis Varufakis, former Greek finance minister and current secretary general of MeRA25, Jeremy Corbyn, former British Labor leader, and Ece Temelkuran, a Turkish journalist and writer opposed to the president. In Croatia.

The signatories to the agreement insisted that they were with the Ukrainian people, and that an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of Russian troops and a UN-sponsored peace agreement and the EU, the United States and Russia were guaranteed.

Waroufakis said large military camps “create insecurity and increase tensions” in some regions, and that sending arms to Ukraine would help increase the death toll and escalate the conflict over “Ukraine will not win.”

The Greek left-wing politician also rejected the idea of ​​creating a European army, saying it would require a political union in the EU camp that does not currently exist. He described the recent proposal by European Foreign Minister Joseph Borel to seize Russian assets subject to sanctions as “theft” and criticized the idea that the proceeds should be used to rebuild Ukraine.

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Jeremy Corbyn has criticized the European Union and the West over the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Jeremy Corbyn also accused the EU of using the language of war veterans instead of using pacifist rhetoric during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The British politician also criticized the United Nations (UN) for not being involved.

“In 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, we had an opportunity to give up large military bases. We did not take advantage of it, but now we have another chance,” Corbyn said.

Shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Corbyn said the West should return to the “original documents” relating to UkraineFrom Budapest and Minsk, “created to bring about a long-term ceasefire.”

“Often, those who have a different opinion are seen as predictive voices for the future in times when there is an idea of ​​complete unity, so it is not a bad thing to be a little unpopular once or twice,” he added.

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