Putin issues new nuclear threats in case of ‘strategic failure’ in Ukraine “Why not go all the way?”

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Vladimir Putin. Photo: Profimedia

For Russia, a strategic defeat in Ukraine would mean the end of its state, so why fear, we must go all the way, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a meeting with Russian journalists at the end of his visit to Vietnam. One was held in North Korea, the official news agency RIA Novosti reported.

“For Russia, this (strategic defeat) would mean the end of its state, and that’s what it means. It means the end of the 1,000-year history of the Russian state. I think it’s clear to everyone. Then the question arises, why should we be afraid? Isn’t it better to go all the way? This is the beginning. Formal logic,” Putin said in response to questions from Russian journalists.

Russian troops are preparing for all possible scenarios of the evolution of the situation in Ukraine, the Russian president warned Kiev not to try to evacuate Russian forces from the Kharkiv region, as such attempts, he said, would result in heavy losses. Ukraine, according to RIA Novosti.

“We know that mainly Americans and Europeans are pushing Ukrainians to the state border at any cost – at any cost, I want to emphasize – and they want to present this as a big victory in 2024. NATO’s summit and then US elections are expected,” he told Russian reporters.

Meanwhile, Putin said Russia is considering possible changes to its doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons, Reuters reported.

The prevailing theory is that Russia could use such weapons in response to a nuclear attack or in the event of a conventional attack that poses an existential threat to the state.

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Since the start of the war in Ukraine, some “comrades” among Russian military analysts have argued that Russia should limit its use of nuclear weapons, AFP notes, citing Agerpres.

However, Putin has said that there is no need for Russia to preemptively launch a nuclear attack.

He made these statements to the media a day after meeting with the leader of nuclear-armed North Korea, Kim Jong Un, for a summit. The two signed an agreement under which both sides promised to provide immediate military assistance to the other in case of armed aggression against one of them.

Russian state media reported that Putin said Moscow expects cooperation with North Korea as a deterrent to the West, but that there is no need to use North Korean soldiers in the war in Ukraine.

Putin also said he did not rule out Russia supplying North Korea with highly accurate weapons, pointing to Western supplies of modern missiles to Ukraine, according to AFP.

“Taking into account our agreements with North Korea, we reserve the right to supply weapons to the rest of the world, and I do not rule out such an opportunity,” Putin said on Thursday.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that it would be a “very grave mistake” for South Korea to send arms directly to Ukraine.

“It is a very grave mistake to supply dangerous weapons to the war zone in Ukraine. I hope it will not happen. If so, we have to make the right decision, which the South Korean leaders will not like,” the Russian president said, as quoted by AFP.

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