Putin wants to ask Erdogan for the Ukrainians’ most effective and well-known weapons, Pyrector drones.

Putin and Erdogan will meet in Sochi on August 5 and deepen the topics discussed by the two leaders at their meeting in Tehran. Among the issues the Russian side wants to put on the discussion table is the possibility of the Russians buying the Pyrektor drones, which have become one of the symbols of Ukrainian resistance and a major fear of Russian soldiers.

This information was made public by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a statement to the Russian press, RIA Novosti reported.

The two leaders will meet in Sochi, the Russian leader’s favorite resort, on August 5 to discuss bilateral relations. Among the subjects of interest to the Russian side is the possibility of purchasing popular Turkish drones.

“Techno-military cooperation between the two sides is always on the agenda of the discussions. Even in this area, which is very sensitive for both sides, the cooperation takes on new dimensions, speaking about the high level of our bilateral relations, in their full dimension,” Putin’s spokesman said.

Asked directly whether the Russians will also talk about the possibility of buying the famous Piracter drones during the meeting between Putin and Erdogan, the press secretary replied: “For this reason (version of deep cooperation) yes, the topic technical cooperation military will be addressed in Sochi”.

Statements by the two leaders after their July 19 meeting in Tehran were brief, and their offices declined to provide more details on the topics discussed, but Putin and Erdogan said more details would be released after the meeting. In fact, the Turkish president was one of the first leaders Putin met due to the first waves of Covid-19, long after the leader self-isolates from the Kremlin. Then, the leader from Ankara addressed her with the phrase “my dear friend”.

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However, despite the close friendship declared by Erdogan last year, during the meeting in Tehran, Putin was put in a difficult situation, having to wait in a room alone for the Turkish president, whose face betrayed his dissatisfaction with the situation. placed.

The Russians understand the dominance of unmanned aerial vehicles on the battlefield and are trying to find sources to buy them, but Tehran has said it will not sell its drones to Moscow, which are militarily inferior compared to Turkish manufacturers. The Turkish manufacturer of the famous Bayraktar drones, now loved by everyone, has openly stated that it supports the independence and integrity of Ukraine in this war and will not sell its drones to the Russian military. In fact, the company made several gestures in support of the Ukrainian military. For example, a Turkish company decided to donate a drone to the Ukrainians in Lithuania, where thousands of people lined up to buy it.

Author: Alexandru Rotaru

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