Putin’s message after Netanyahu’s return to power. What the Israeli Prime Minister Says About the Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to the leadership of the Israeli government on Thursday and expressed his desire to strengthen cooperation with Israel “in all fields”, the Kremlin announced in a statement.

“I hope that the new government under your leadership will continue to strengthen Russian-Israeli cooperation in all fields, for the benefit of our people, to ensure peace and security in the Middle East region,” Putin said. NetanyahuCited in publication.

“In Russia, your personal and multi-year contribution to strengthening friendship between our countries is greatly appreciated,” the Kremlin leader stressed, adding that Netanyahu has repeatedly qualified President Vladimir Putin as a “friend” in the past. .

Israel has taken a cautious stance on Russia’s war in Ukraine

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Russian military training

After the Russian offensive in Ukraine began last February, Israel Trying to maintain neutrality in the conflict, it took a cautious stance towards Moscow.

Israel has particularly stressed the privileged ties between the two countries, with the Israeli state counting more than a million citizens from the former Soviet Union, while Russia has troops in Israel’s neighboring Syria.

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