Putin’s nuclear plane was spotted near Moscow

Vladimir’s special “Doomsday” flight A littleThe British newspaper writes that it has been flying around Moscow in recent days, allowing it to continue to lead Russia during the nuclear war.

Pictures show Ilyushin Il-80 flying low in the suburbs.

The Soviet-era giant aircraft had no windows other than the cockpit, known as the “flying Kremlin”.

In the event of a nuclear attack, Putin could lead Russia and issue orders to his military for decisive strikes from an air command post.

A satellite communication network is located above its fuse. The tail of the aircraft has a winch for the antenna drawn at the lowest frequency. Horizontal stabilizers accommodate multiple sensors or communication antennas.

The Daily Mail writes that the resurgence of “Doomsday” is a sign that Putin wants to send a warning message to the West.

However, Russian officials say the plane will be part of the annual Victory Day parade in Red Square and that it is engaged in “rehearsals”. Although no such event has been seen since 2010.

During the parade, the plane will be flown over St. Basil’s Cathedral by two MiG-29s.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that eight MiGs will fly in Z-letters in support of the Russian military, which is taking part in military operations in Ukraine.

There are two scenarios regarding the existence of this aircraft. Firstly, another warning message given by Vladimir Putin to the West, the second option will be used in the May 9 march, after which he will be involved in the exercises for this march.

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