Putin’s oligarchs are suing the EU over sanctions. What damages are they asking for because their “reputations” have been tarnished?

Russian oligarchs and companies have filed a total of 61 cases at the European Union’s Court of Justice against EU sanctions imposed following the invasion of Ukraine, according to Saturday’s edition of German tabloid Bild.

Russian oligarchs Grigory Bereskin and Kenady Tymchenko, for example, are seeking compensation for “moral damage” they suffered as a result of EU sanctions, according to documents available on the court’s website.

Bereskin says he suffered “serious damage to his reputation,” according to his filing.

The oligarch claims that he does not support the government of the Russian Federation and demands a symbolic payment of 1 euro as compensation.

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Akhmedov, Pinchuk

However, Kenady Tymchenko, who lives in Switzerland, is seeking 1 million euros in compensation, alleging an “error of assessment” by the EU regarding the “relationship between the applicant and the applicant”. President Putin“.

Roman Abramovich is among the oligarchs suing the EU

Among the plaintiffs is the former owner of English football club FC Chelsea. Roman AbramovichBut Mikhail Fridman, founder and manager of Alfa-Group Financial Group.

A ninth set of EU sanctions against Russia over its aggression in Ukraine came into effect on Friday, targeting security firms, banks, broadcasters and officials. In addition, freezing of assets held in the EU is used by 141 natural persons and 49 companies.

Members Those admitted are subject to a travel ban within the EU. Previous sanctions have targeted the economy, the financial system, the central bank and senior government officials.

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