Putin’s regime / favorite places “there is a millionaire bleeding in Russia”

According to an analysis of migration data, more than 15,000 million people are expected to leave Russia this year. Defender.

The Dubai real estate market is attracting investors in the context of the war in UkrainePhoto: freepik.com

According to London-based Henley & Partners’ immigration-based plans, about 15 percent of Russians with more than 1 million assets are expected to emigrate by the end of 2022. The rich and the countries that sell their citizenship.

Andrew Amoyles, head of research at New World Wealth, which compiled data for Henley, said: “Russia is bleeding millions.

“The increasing number of rich people migrating from Russia over the past decade is an early warning sign of the country’s current problems.

More and more Ukrainian millionaires are leaving

Historically, a country’s major declines have generally preceded the acceleration of rich immigration, often leaving first because they have the means to do so. “

Ukraine is expected to meet the largest net worth (HNWI) of its population, with 2,800 million (or 42% of all HNWIs in Ukraine) leaving the country by the end of this year.

Favorite places

Traditionally, the world’s richest have gone to the United States and the United Kingdom, but Henley said he expects the United Arab Emirates to be the number one destination for millionaire immigrants.

“Britain has lost its rich country, and the United States is less attractive to the world’s rich in the context of war, and the United Arab Emirates is expected to overtake them by attracting the largest net credits of millionaires worldwide. Said in his statement.

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About 3,500 more than Australia, and about 4,000 million more than Singapore (2,800) and Israel (2,500) are expected to travel to the UAE by the end of this year.

Millionaires are also expected to travel to Malta, Mauritius and Monaco.

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