Putin’s relatives are plotting to overthrow him.

Evidence suggests that three months after Vladimir Putin’s bloody “special operation” in Ukraine, his Kremlin men discussed who would replace him. Jellyfish Near the presidency of Russia. Moreover, this position is shared by both those who beg and those who want peace to continue the war. But how credible is the plan to replace Putin, especially when?

Vladimir PutinPhoto: Sergey Guneev / Sputnik / Profimedia

In early March, Medusa wrote that most Kremlin officials did not know what to do and were terrified that sanctions would affect their careers and careers. Shortly afterwards, a “patriotic uprising” began – in April, many in power publicly called for a “successful end” to the war.

Now, three months after the invasion began, distrust of what is happening is once again on the rise.

“Almost no one is happy with Putin. Many members of business and government are not happy that the president started the war without thinking about the magnitude of the sanctions – one can not live normally with such sanctions,” a Medusa source said of the mood among the Russian elite. There is dissatisfaction with the pace of the “special process”.

Think behind the scenes, who are Putin’s potential successors

“It is not about the fact that they want to overthrow Putin now and a conspiracy is being prepared. But there is an agreement or option that he will no longer lead the state in the future,” one source explains.

According to him, the figures of the heirs of the president are even discussed behind the scenes in the Kremlin.

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They include Moscow Mayor Sergei Sofianin, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the first vice president of the presidential administration, Sergei Kryenko.

Grienko has been in constant conversation with Putin recently about Donbass and the economy. He and Sent In Mariupol for organizing a military parade on May 9th.

At the same time, information about Medusa’s sources about Krienko’s own plans differ: some believe he at least wants to be prime minister; Others are convinced that he is trying to prove his mettle in the position he holds in the presidential administration through his actions.

However, both sources point out that Krienko, for example, is now part of Putin’s “inner circle” with Russian police chief Viktor Solodov. “Now I add the participants in the operation – they are leading the troops, they are in charge of the Donbass. The president is involved in the war.” These people can cross the ‘red line’, that is, they raise by calling the president, “a source said.

At the same time, Medusa sources point out that when discussing Krienko and other hypothetical heirs, everyone involved understands that. The president can only step down if Putin’s health deteriorates. Thus the dissatisfaction of the higher authorities is expressed in nothing – except the discussions between them.

Putin’s disease speculation

Rumors of Putin’s ill health have been circulating for weeks, with the latest La Stampa newspaper reporting Putin. The surgery was performed Cancer.

The Russian embassy in Bucharest has sought to put an end to rumors about the ill health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying “speculation in the Western press about the recurrence of the disease in Romania.” “Unreal” and “Massacre” From Fuchsia.

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Maj. Gen. Girillo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, commented on the matter. He has SAPS President Putin was “in a very bad mental and physical condition and very ill”, but he did not provide any evidence.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also spoke at the time, calling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “health and lies” information “health fiction.”

This comes after the Russian investigation site Project quoted the Kiev Independent as saying that Vladimir Putin was permanently surrounded by doctors. Thyroid oncologist.

Recently, his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko said that Putin’s head and body were completely healthy and that he was in excellent condition. Lukashenko even commented that Putin would “bury us all”.

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