Remains found in suitcases bought at auction in New Zealand belong to children The victims were between 5 and 10 years of age

New Zealand police confirmed on Thursday that the remains of two primary school-aged children were found in suitcases bought at auction in an Auckland warehouse.

According to Inspector Tofilau Famunia Vaaelua, the bodies may have been preserved for years and the victims may have been between five and ten years old. Both bodies were in two suitcases of the same size, he said.

“The nature of the discovery makes the investigation a complex one, including the time that passed between the death and the discovery,” Vaaelua added, as quoted by Agerpres.

The gruesome discovery was made after a family bought a trailer load of bulk goods from a warehouse. The said family had nothing to do with the deaths, but “naturally they are saddened by the discovery” and asked for respect for their private lives, Valua stressed.

Police, who appealed to Interpol, are analyzing other items in the trailer – household or personal items – to identify the victims.

The warehouse and the property where the suitcases were taken were thoroughly inspected by the police for criminal investigations.

The children have not yet been identified, but Walua expressed his sympathies to the family, who are said to be in New Zealand and did not know they were dead. “Many of us (police officers) are parents. (…) We will do our best to identify the victims,” ​​he announced. “I can say that we are making great progress in the DNA investigation,” the inspector added.

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