Resident Evil 4 Remake on PS4 is the reason why Cross-Gen must be finished

Photo: Push Square

PS4 is coming on The tenth This year’s birthday, the boy is starting to appear. Legacy hardware is still being tackled with blockbuster releases like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok, but outside of projects from Sony’s own studios, it’s becoming more and more apparent that developers need to cut out the last-gen console.

Resident Evil 4 is the latest installment of the multiplayer mayhem game on PS4. while Digital Foundry He points out that while a fairly impressive effort has been made to run the game reasonably well on a last-gen device, it does come with some significant downgrades, such as incredibly lackluster texture work, long loading times, and dodgy performance issues.

Public reception of the PS4 release seems more negative in forums such as reddit, but. Users post reports of unplayable frontier combat scenarios thanks to tank frame rates, and distractingly blurred environmental assets as they try their best to spoil the immersion. Capcom clearly had to cut a lot of corners to squeeze these older hardware in.

It’s a rather strange situation, because Resident Evil 4 was originally touted as a current-gen exclusive. It had only been several months since it was revealed that Capcom had confirmed that a remake was also in development for PS4, which raised some eyebrows at the time. And yes, it’s a PlayStation exclusive on last-gen systems; There is no Xbox One version.

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