Restoration of the destruction of Hamelin at the Bells facility takes place almost daily

Orchard Park, New York – As a Buffalo Bills safety Hamelin’s devastation Continuing his path to recovery, he has begun to spend more time in the team facility.

Coach Sean McDermott said Wednesday that Hamlin was there “almost daily” and visits on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“It’s limited, just in general,” McDermott said of what Hamlin was doing. “But he came and really started today or yesterday and just tried to get back into a little bit of a routine and fit in again and take one step, one step at a time here.”

McDermott said he didn’t participate in team meetings but “got himself dipping his toe here again, you know, walking his way back to himself”.

Hamlin was not present at the team’s victory over the Miami Dolphins to start the playoffs, but he was watching from a distance. The 24-year-old visited the team for the first time on Saturday for the pre-match tour, along with his parents Mario and Nina and his brother Damir.

“It was something special for the whole team, because everyone ran and pounded at each other trying to see him and hug him,” Kair Elam Sunday said. “And I think that was very special, and it also really lifted the spirits.”

Hamlin suffered a medical emergency during the first quarter of the Bills’ Week 17 in Cincinnati that led to the game being postponed and eventually cancelled. He spent nearly a week at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center recovering from a cardiac arrest before traveling to Buffalo to spend about two days at the Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute. He was laid off last Wednesday.

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As the team prepares to host the Bengals in the divisional round after experiencing a variety of emotions over the past two weeks, McDermott feels that with Hamlin still going strong, the team is in solid shape.

“Well, I think the guys are in good shape,” McDermott said. “Damar is in the building now, almost starting daily, and so that’s good news. And as it continues to improve, I think that definitely helps. So it’s going to be — I mean, that experience — we’ll carry that with us and there’s a challenge to that, but there’s also a lot of good that has come out of that.” And I think now we need to focus on the positives and positives that came out of that, rather than on to the other part of it now.”

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