Richard Simmons in particular saves hundreds of lives


Richard Simmons

In particular, saving hundreds of lives

Richard Simmons He may live his life out of the spotlight, but he still impacts people’s lives in a profound way… and he told TMZ he regularly reaches out to fans who need help.

… He answers up to 200 emails a day – plus makes 15 to 20 personal calls… all to people who are struggling,” Richard emotionally told us over the phone.

The fitness expert says he’s had an overwhelming response to Daily Richards… noting he’s never seen people in such a desperate state before.

“That’s why I started sending voicemails,” a tearful Richard tells TMZ. “There’s a lot of unhappy people out there. I wake up every morning and I email people. I’ve sent out 200 emails today so far… I want to bring “Everyone hopes.”

Recall, earlier this month, Richard reached out to fans through him Allow them to hear his voice For the first time in years. In the message, R.S. shared: With a sweet poem… a declaration of love.

His followers couldn’t get enough of the audio update… and Richard says he’s now thinking about getting into video messaging.

“I don’t know if a person can run out of tears but I hope I can connect with these people and give them something worthwhile to find in their lives,” he adds.

Richard’s bottom line is clear… “This is what I’m supposed to do – help people.”

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