Romanian billionaire, internationally famous

Stelian Balde is a Romanian billionaire who seems to be more popular in Asia than in the Moorish countries. He became one of the most successful Romanians worldwide by trading virtual currencies. The entrepreneur is globally recognized for his unique vision in the field.

In fact, his crypto ventures have made him a global market leader. This is attested to by his appearances in international magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine in Japan.

The billionaire also owns private jets

According to information from the public space, he now manages a billion-dollar fund. As a result, he has emotions to match his wealth. He appeared in a Netflix documentary with Formula 1 drivers, a sport he is a fan of. Also, his cars are worth a fortune.

However, the Romanian millionaire does not appear on social networks with luxury cars. He also owns private jets and travels a lot, especially in Asia. However, he is recognized for his philanthropic work. In fact, Stelian Balde was invited as an honor to attend the Cannes festival with his wife. And from there, only a selfie photo was released in which the wife was almost invisible.

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It travels between Dubai and Singapore

Most posts Millionaire They relate to his work and the businessmen he collaborates with. He also doesn’t shy away from flaunting his luxury lifestyle as he travels between his home states of Dubai and Singapore.

On the other hand, the businessman has not forgotten his origins, so he helps the citizens of Negreřti-Oaș whenever he gets the chance. On the other hand, he was one of the few businessmen who reacted to the tragedy of the Filipino people after the 2022 typhoon.

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