Romanian with Dacia 1310, surprise on return from Greece. “Be careful, you can live without it!”

The car was photographed on the road and shared on a Facebook group dedicated to the holiday Greece.

In the picture, you can see how a car with Neamț license plates is loaded to the brim with luggage.

The Romanian woman, who wrote “I’m going to Greece,” posted the picture online, laughing and mocking the driver.

Many Romanians confirm in the comments that they saw the car in Greece.

“Good! We met Egnatia Odos about 60 km before Thessaloniki. They were driving very cool at 80 km/h. I hope they had a good road trip where they drove smoothly,” says one of the users.

Most of the virtual friends in the Facebook group are of the opinion that the driver should not be taken on foot until the car has been tested and is in good technical condition.

“What’s to laugh about!? You should be ashamed because you are showing a particular betrayal of our country. To laugh at others on the net…. Alas! If you go to countries like France, Italy, Germany, Belgium. You will see that the car you own has no “importance”. .Values ​​are different, moral in nature! To not care about the body is to cross the threshold of decency and civility.

“And is there anything funny about this movie for you? Too bad for you. I’m sure you only go this way if you’ve had something like this at some point in your life.”

“I’m sure the people who laughed (myself included) were laughing at the car’s archiline and leaning to the right, not the make of the car or how it was used.”

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“Bravo for his guts! I bet he has a set of spark plugs, Delco cap plugs, platinum, a belt and a water pump.”

“So it’s on its way back – awesome!!! It doesn’t break down like other cars, even with repairs on the side, it goes without a hitch compared to the newer modern cars you see. Broke!”

“Relax, I went to Norway in 1994 and finally, I arrived.”

“And the BMW is still full of food and drink. Stop playing tricks.”

“Be careful, vintage cars are sought after and you can get away with it, so only park in secured spots,” wrote another commenter.

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