Rumor Roundup Special Edition: MJF / AEW Drama Double or Nothing Weekend

It was relatively quiet double or nothing/ Memorial Day holiday … until Maxwell Jacob Friedman reports Do not show A scheduled appearance at AEW’s Fan Fest on Saturday night (May 28).

From that point on, it was all on deck for scoopers in the wrestling world as fans updated their Twitter feeds for updates on the status of MJF’s highly anticipated match with Wardlow at tonight’s PPV — and his future in the wrestling business.

Below is a summary of the main points from fightingAnd the PWIInsider & Wrestling Radio Observer:

  • There is one thing that everyone agrees on and says unequivocally: This is not a business, at least not agreed by both parties (there is a lot of speculation that Max got into the business for himself and as The Observer Dave Meltzer He says, “Looks like he wants to be Brian Bellman. “).
  • Everything in wrestling can turn into one eventually of course, as we may see this turn into one very soon. But none of what was revealed yesterday was coordinated by AEW and MJF to present a story.
  • Fan insiders heard from FanFest that they saw Friedman playing slots in Mandalay Bay (where FanFest was held) while he was supposed to do the meetups and scheduled get-togethers.
  • Tickets for an MJF session at FanFest were $100. Fans who bought it were told that they could get a refund or meet another wrestler. An AEW official told Fightful that the company was “very unhappy with the way things went.”
  • as she has Previously reportedIt is said that the case is about money. There is a lot of talk that Tony Khan is willing to make Friedman one of the best performing staffers, but he wants to extend his contract beyond its current expiration on January 1, 2024 in the process. MJF basically thinks he deserves to increase the merit in his current deal without adding time to it. David Bixenspan He points out that this account of the negotiations has been refuted – so it seems like an old rumor is re-emerging in light of everything else.
  • AEW’s talents have been told not to publicly comment on yesterday’s incident. fighter Shawn Ross SappSources in the locker room have been “consistent in saying Tony Khan will not be working on his roster and I spoke to two of them about the frustration of MJF in recent months.”
  • Saab reported (and confirmed by Insider) that a flight from Las Vegas to Newark on Sunday morning was booked for Friedman “a pre-meet and greet at an exorbitant price,” but doesn’t know who bought the ticket. observer Brian Alvarez He objected to this, but Saab said he had seen physical evidence of it.
  • Either way, sources told Fightful and Insider that MJF was not on the plane when the flight took off for New Jersey early this morning.
  • AEW is still actively promoting Wardlow’s match for double or nothing tonight. Alvarez says it’s still listed on the card internally.
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So I think we’ll know more In a few hours.

Will we know everything? Professional wrestling, everyone!

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