Russia condemns its eastern neighbour’s “out of control” weapons

Russia accused Japan on Thursday of abandoning decades of pacifism and embracing “unbridled militarization,” prompting Moscow to respond to a $320 billion defense plan announced last week by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Reuters and Agerpres.

Sergey LavrovPhoto: Sputnik / Profimedia Images

“It can be clearly seen that Tokyo has embarked on an unprecedented path of consolidation of its military power, including the acquisition of a strike capability,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The project was presented Prime Minister Kishida will double defense spending to nearly 2% of GDP in five years, making Japan the third largest military spender in the world, behind the US and China.

“This is a clear rejection by the Kishida administration of the peaceful development of the country, which was constantly proclaimed by previous generations of politicians, and a return to the path of uncontrolled militarization,” the Russian diplomatic report pointed out.

According to Moscow, Japan’s decision “will inevitably trigger new security challenges and lead to increased tensions in the Asia-Pacific region”.

Tension between Russia and Japan

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s comments come amid unprecedented tensions between Moscow and Tokyo since the end of World War II, as have Japan. sorted Sanctions imposed by the West against the Russian economy are on a large scale.

In late June, the Russian ambassador to Japan, Mikhail Kaluzin, Condemned The sanctions adopted by Tokyo are “short-sighted” and will mainly affect the business environment.

“Of course, such escalation of hostile policy towards Russia will be taken into account by us in our future approach to Japan, and will not go unanswered,” Kaluzin said.

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Russia announced it in mid-July imposing restrictions It banned 384 Japanese members of parliament from entering its territory at the end of April. decided to evacuate to several Japanese diplomats in retaliation for a similar move by Tokyo.

Japan’s parliament also ratified it on August 20 Abolition of “Most Favored Nation” Clause Delivered to Russia. As a result of this decision, Russia lost its advantages in terms of tariffs and trade barriers in Japan.

Japan claims Kuril Islands occupied by Stalin’s army

Russian TV also warned Russia can be attacked As in World War II, by Japan teaming up with Germany to attack Vladimir Putin’s country in two parts. But it must be remembered that Japan never attacked Russia in World War II, both sides signed a non-aggression pact.

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin violated this agreement in the final days of the war when he ordered his forces to occupy Manchuria, one of the Asian territories of the Japanese Empire.

Much of the tension between Russia and Japan stems from events following World War II.

Tokyo and Moscow have never signed a peace treaty and Japan considers the Kuril Islands between the two countries. Illegally occupied Japanese territory By Russia.

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