Russia dropped its purchase of 6 new Corvettes for the Black Sea Fleet because ships did not perform well during the war.

A source in the Russian Defense Ministry told the Russian state news agency TASS that the Russian Navy would not purchase another 6 Project 22160 Corvettes / patrol vessels, as originally planned, due to their poor performance during the war, including air qualification issues, inadequate armor, unreliable engines and poor air defense.

Corvets from Project 22160 class Photo: Ilya Fidalev / Sputnik / Profimedia Images

The Navy of the Russian Federation refuses to purchase an additional series of six patrol vessels (Corvettes) of Class 22160 due to the contradiction between the tactical characteristics and reality demonstrated in their use in war situations during the “special operation” in Ukraine. , Cites a source in the military-industrial complex quoted by the Russian state news agency Toss.

“The series of patrol vessels of the 22160 project will not continue and will end next year by delivering the last corvette of the series to the Black Sea Navy,” the agency’s spokesman said, adding that the Russian navy wants to drop it. Six additional units that can be ordered. . The reason for giving up would have been a proven contradiction between their tactical and technical qualities and the conditions under which they acted in battle.

DOS evidence explained that Russian military sailors were not satisfied with the characteristics and equipment of the corvettes tested during combat – adequate air conditioning, mild shield and propeller impact and poor anti-aircraft solutions.

Russia will place anti-aircraft missile systems on existing shipyards

TASS says there is no official information on this.

A few days ago, another DOS source claimed that four Black Sea Corvettes from Project 22160 (“Vasily Bykov”, “Dmitry Rokachev”, “Pavel Dershaw” and “Sergei Kodov”) took into account the experience during the special experience. In the process, they will receive an “upgrade” to strengthen their air defense system.

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In particular, these ships will be loaded on board and fitted with Tech Heliport mobile anti-aircraft ground systems.Tor-M2KM”.

One of the new ships of the Russian Black Sea Navy

Patrol vessels equivalent to corvettes Class Patrol 22160 Prior to the initial conflict with Ukraine in 2014, a contract was signed by Russia for the Black Sea Fleet. Since 2014, ships have been under construction at the Zelenodolsk and Jaliv shipyards. These ships are new and modern Black Sea Navy Of the Russian Federation.

The contract for them included an initial series of six ships, with intensive plans to continue command with six units. Currently, there are four such corvettes in Russian Navy cargo, the last two of which will be delivered this year and 2023.

The length of the Project 22160 Corvettes is 94 meters and the displacement is 1,300-1,700 tons, depending on the equipment. These ships have a crew of 80 sailors and have a range of 6,000 nautical miles, with a maximum speed of about 30 days and a maximum of 60 days at sea.

As for the weapons on board, the ships have 76mm AK176 artillery and can carry up to eight caliber cruise missiles in vertical missiles. According to TASS, the ship’s air defense system consists of eight Igla-S or Verba portable launchers (Manpads) and two 14.5mm MTPU-1 rifles. Ships include Ka-27PS / Ka-29 helicopters and hangars for drones.

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