Russia flares gas it exports to the EU at Finland’s border

Russian energy giant Gazprom has been flaring gas for export to the EU at Finland’s border, the Union news agency reported on Thursday, citing Finnish publication Yle, according to which gas has actually been flaring in Moscow since late May. The Russian gas company cut its supply to the EU.

The burning takes place near the “Portovaia” compressor station and the LNG terminal of the same name. Satellite images from NASA’s Fire Monitoring System show that the process began on May 22.

During that period, Gazprom reduced gas transport to the EU and stopped using the full capacity of the pipeline, although the EU paid in full for deliveries.

At the end of the month, Russian gas was seen flaring at a terminal near the border with Finland. In mid-June, a fire broke out near the compressor station. During that period, Gazprom almost tripled gas supplies to Europe – from 167 million cubic meters of gas to 67 million cubic meters.

Gases have been burning in large quantities for weeks, and large flames are visible even from the territory of Finland, the Union notes, citing the Yle publication.

Russia said on Wednesday it could not get a repaired Siemens turbine in Canada and that is considered vital to the operation of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline that supplies Russian gas to Europe because of economic sanctions. For such reasons, the Russian Federation is trying to get the European Union to lift the restrictions imposed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Union comments, Agerpres reports.

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