Russia has doubled its oil, gas and coal revenues since the occupation of Ukraine

During the two-month war in Ukraine, Russia nearly doubled its revenues by selling fossil fuels to the European Union, despite rising oil and gas prices, despite falling in size, The Guardian reports.

An analysis of the Energy Research Center’s shipping and cargo movements shows that Russia has received about 62 billion euros in oil, gas and coal exports in the two months since the start of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. Clean air (creat).

According to the EU, imports in the last two months were about 44 billion euros, compared to about 140 billion euros last year or about 12 billion euros a month.

These reports show that Russia continues to benefit from its dominance in Europe’s energy supply, despite efforts by European governments to prevent Vladimir Putin’s use of oil and gas as an economic weapon.

Although Russia’s exports fell due to the war and sanctions, prices, which were already high, were further exacerbated by declining supplies. According to CREA data, crude oil exports from Russia to foreign ports fell by 30% in the first three weeks of April compared to January and February.

But Russia has now increased its revenue to reach the Russian government through state-dominated companies, even in the face of higher oil and gas prices, Western sanctions and export restrictions. Russia has really trapped the EU in a trap in which the new sanctions will further increase prices and make Moscow more lucrative.

Lauri Myllyvirta, a CREA analyst, said money from energy exports supported Putin’s war effort and that the only way to stop it was to remove fossil fuels in Europe.

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Fossil fuel exports were a major factor in the regime of Putin and many other dishonest countries. Energy imports are a major drawback of Russia’s sanctions. All those who buy these fossil fuels are complicit in the terrible violations of international law by the Russian military. “

Russia Delivery was halted on Wednesday With Natural gases To Poland and Bulgaria, That’s a decision Caused outrage.

Louis J. Wilson, senior adviser to the Global Witness Group, said Russia was ready to breach its own agreements. Countries and companies No. May They have no reason to continue trading with Russia.

Importers Traders in fossil fuels and commodities continued Collaborate with Russia says it will be forced to do so In the basement Long-term contracts should take into account the value of contracts with Russian companies. Russia is ready to break these agreements Stands up Car But European parties continue to be forced to fund war crimes Because of the willingness to comply with these agreements“, he said.

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