Russia has launched a rival bid to host Euro 2028 or 2032 amid the invasion of Ukraine

Russia is launching a bid to host the 2028 European Championship in a challenge to enter the British Isles or against Italy for the 2032 edition, despite its teams being suspended from international competitions due to the war in Ukraine.

Today, Wednesday, the Executive Committee of the Russian Football Federation (RFU) decided to “support the decision to declare interest” for the 2028 and 2032 tournaments.

“We will make an offer to host the 2028 and 2032 European Championships,” Russian Federation board member Sergei Anokhin told Match TV.

FIFA suspends Russia: what it means and how it works

UEFA confirmed it later on Wednesday Russia, along with Turkey, have announced their interest in hosting the 2028 or 2032 tournament.

UEFA also confirmed that there are no regulations currently in place to prevent Russia from bidding for tournaments, despite its teams being banned from international competition.

“The Bureau of the FIFA Council and the UEFA Executive Committee decided on February 28 to suspend all Russian teams, whether national teams or club teams, from participating in both FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice. However, the FA has not commented on Russia in that the time “.

“The UEFA Executive Committee will nevertheless remain on standby to hold further extraordinary meetings, on a regular and ongoing basis as and when required – in addition to its already scheduled meetings on 7 April and 10 May – to reassess the legal and factual situation as it evolves and takes Other decisions as necessary, including in light of the declaration of interest expressed by the Russian Football Association to host the UEFA European Championship.

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Russia hosted the 2018 World Cup; The venue for the final match – Luzhniki Stadium – was used last week for a rally in support of President Vladimir Putin.

“We are sending the announcement today,” Dyukov said. “We assume that Russia is already ready to host large-scale competitions. We have the experience.”

Russia’s unexpected plan is sure to meet fierce opposition. Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic independently announced that they would refuse to face Russia in the World Cup qualifiers even on neutral ground – ahead of FIFA’s decision to suspend Russia from membership.

UEFA will present tournament requirements to bidders next Wednesday and then confirm their nominations on April 5. The deadline for submission of final bid files is not until April 2023, with a decision by the UEFA Executive Committee in September 2023.

“We reserve the right to enter into an offer,” Dyukov said. “This option does not cost anything. And you can not refuse it, if it is not expensive.”

England leads the bid for the British Isles and also includes Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

ESPN’s Mark Ogden contributed to this report.

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