Russia has said it is ready to resume talks with Ukraine

Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said on Sunday that Russia was ready to resume peace talks with Ukraine and promised that they would be suspended due to Kiev.

“We are ready to continue the conversation,” Vladimir Medinsky, the Kremlin’s adviser in charge of talks with Kiev, told Belarusian television.

“The suspension of the talks is entirely an initiative of Ukraine,” he said, adding that “the ball is in the court of the Ukrainians.” “Russia has never refused to negotiate,” he said.

After Russian forces entered Ukraine on February 24 and failed to seize the capital quickly, Russia and Ukraine held several rounds of talks, either directly or online, with the highest level of foreign ministerial representation. Sergei Lavrov and Dmitro Kuleba met in Turkey in March, and later the delegates met in Istanbul, but did not succeed.

Ukrainian negotiator Mikhail Podoliak said on Tuesday that talks had been “suspended”, while Russia had resumed its “special operation” to eastern Ukraine, where attacks are on the rise.

In an interview on Saturday, Mikhail Podoliak, an adviser to President Zhelensky, turned down the offer to agree to a war with Russia and the idea of ​​concluding an agreement with Moscow on the surrender of territories.

Author: Luana Pavaluca

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